Wellness Consultation

Tibetan Acupressure


Jenny is certified as a Clinical Master Herbalist, Nutritionist and in Tibetan Acupressure.

She integrates herbs, nutrition, energy, and acupressure to assist the body in restoring health and balance.  Her methods are simple yet powerfully effective, sound science yet easy to apply.  She believes in educating and empowering people to heal themselves.   

How can I help you?

Are you struggling with gut pain?  Constipation?

Are you anxious or depressed?  Fatigued?

Do you have eczema or other skin problems?

Migraines?  Stressed?  Want to lose weight?

Are you struggling to lose weight and tired of trying diet after diet?  Do you want to learn a way of eating that is sustainable - something you can stick with long term?

Do you know a lot about nutrition but not sure how to apply it to yourself?  Do you want to learn which eating styles would be most beneficial for you?

Do you just need someone to show you how to make some recipes to help you get started?  

Does your child get sick a lot?  Have frequent earaches?  Eczema?  

Did you just find out you are allergic or sensitive to certain foods and need help integrating a new lifestyle and way of eating?

I can help you sort it out.   I will help you discover which food and lifestyle choices work best for you to obtain optimal energy and health!

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